A little about us, we are a “blended family”, I hate that phrase but I also think “step family” has been ruined by Walt Disney. My husband “The Bearded One” 39 (who in fact at this point is my partner and not husband by law yet) is the most supportive, generous, kind and loving man you could wish to know. He also strongly dislikes people, has borderline Tourette’s and feels it’s important that people know “he’s aloof”. I couldn’t love him more.

With him comes 3 beautiful children, “The Oldest One” 9, “The Middle One” 8 and “The Smallest One” soon to be 6. The most gorgeous, creative and bat shit crazy kids you could ever hope to know. If I could stop the wind from blowing on them I would.

Then there is our beautiful new addition, our 3 month old son “The Baby”. The love of my life. Born 10 days late and into a world of chaos he has given my life more meaning than I could ever have imagined. 

In addition there is our cocker spaniel “The Dog” aged 12. We inherited him from the Bearded One’s ex wife in the summer of 2016 after he escaped a near death experience with the vet. Having suffered a slipped disc a few years back he is semi paralysed and needs a bit of help moving around. Unless there’s food in which case he will bust out the dancing shoes. 

Lastly there’s me, “Mumma With The Messy Hair” aged 30. A wife, mother, step mother, business woman and general multi tasking, juggling, emotional wreck. I am often told my life consists of chaos combined with “you couldn’t make it up” moments. 

And that is just a little about us, read on and you’ll get to know us well, warts and all!