Thoughts of a first time Mum just winging it each day…


Hello and welcome to Mumma With The Messy Hair. If you are reading this you are either part of the 2am club, the after school “is it time for wine yet?” club or you have simply got lost in the internet having googled “can you die from lack of sleep?” and ended up here.

However you arrived, thank you!

I am often told my life consists of chaos combined with “you couldn’t make it up” moments. The thoughts and experiences I’m sharing are simply a sanity check, for me and anyone else that might be able to relate to what I’m saying. Every word is written with love and just a drop of sarcasm.

If you can identify with any of what happens over the next few entries then I salute you. If you are horrified by it then you are not alone believe me! Finally if you are easily offended then you probably shouldn’t read any further as much like a childs’ vomit, this blog does not hold back!

So please sit back (preferably with a glass of wine) and enjoy the chaos that is our life.

Mumma With The Messy Hair xx